Business Challenges & Awards


Companies are looking for passionate individuals with experiences. That is why we want to give you an opportunity to get new practical experiences, show your participation and proactivity, and by participating, improving your chances for employment. On the other hand get to know more like minded people and among all have fun!


At the #innovate part of the CIC project you will be creating innovative business solutions and have an option to win different awards in total value 8900 EUR!

What are the business challenges you can choose from?

Smart citiesDesign your smart future city you would like to live in. Come up with an innovative way to improve people’s mental/ physical/ social or economic well-being with measurable technology or blockchain.
Find new ways to improve people’s lives. With better transport, less noise, better communication, less stress, greener environment… Be creative and innovative.

Smart villagesHow to improve lives in villages with sustainable technology? Come up with an innovative way to improve people’s environmental/ mental/ physical/ social or economic well-being with measurable technology.
Big attention goes to the cities lately. Anyway there are big undiscovered potentials also in the villages. What can we do?

Sports data Attract more customers! How to get more fans & customer engagement in soccer or basketball? How to measure the approach and target forward? Let’s bring even more people to these sports! There is no limits.


#innovate program will take place in 5 different countries: Serbia (Beograd), Croatia (Zagreb), Bosnia and Hercegovina (Banja Luka), Macedonia (Skopje) and Slovenia (Ljubljana).


There will be an opening event. Before that you will have team meeting where you will bond with your team members and get all the informations that you need. There will be also space for your additional questions. So you can start rocking on your ideas! Oh, and of course, you choose on which case you want to work on.

#innovate program is different

You will be working on your ideas remotely from where ever, when ever and how ever your team wants. How cool is that? Because we are going digital!
Any way, for each case workplace for the teams will be provided.
There will be
mentors by your side too. Your team can choose from different mentors and experts. They are available to you for 2 hours via Viber or Skype. Take advantage of your chance and ask them for opinions to deliver the best idea ever!
There will also be
deadlines when your team will have to deliver provided business model canvas and presentation on the following link. You will be also given feedback to have even more chance to improve.

At the latest, you will be tested on semi final event where your team will be pitching in front of the judges.


From 1st (team meeting and opening event) till 15th October 2018 (semifinal event), depends on a country you apply in.
Make sure you will have time from 19th till 21st October as the winning team from each country is going to pitch in Slovenia!


Are you a person of ideas, programmer, designer, entrepreneur, or just passionate about new challenges? Well hello then! Welcome!
For more informations go to FAQ

Note: The business case pitches in local countries will be in local language. The final pitch in Slovenia and documentation delivery will be in english language. You can apply in the teams of 3 or individually.


The winning teams from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia will win a 3-day trip to Slovenia.

The winning team of Slovenia will get a trip to Beograd.

And all the winning teams will also pitch at the final event and have the chance to win main money prize in the value of 3500 EUR!

For the timetable of the events and deadlines take a look here.

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