In Macedonia there will be one basic course.

And what are the skills that you will have the opportunity to learn at the basic course? (4 x 4 hours)

  • 1st workshop: How the internet works, introduction to the web development, front-end vs back-end, brief introduction to front-end (HTML, CSS, JS). Description and benefits of SAP Cloud Platform. Discussing real web app. Setting up enviorment for developing front end applications. HTML Fundamentals and introduction (4 hours).
  • 2nd workshop: Intermediate HTML, discussing real web app, new HTML5 elements. Introduction to CSS, intermediate CSS, CSS3. Use of Bootstrap framework, explanation of bootstrap grid system. Modifying already created web templates for our own purpose.  (4 hours).
  • 3rd workshop: Introduction to JavaScript. JavaScript control flow. JavaScript Functions. JavaScript Arrays. JavaScript Objects (4 hours).
  • 4th workshop: DOM manipulation, JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Placing our web site on SCP. Contest between teams making their own website and presenting in front others (4 hours).


In Skopje.


The advantage for applying will have persons between 16 and 30 years old.
For the basic programming workshops you don’t need any previous knowledge. Just make sure that you are interested in that era.

Note: Participants should bring their own computers. The workshop will be in croatian language.  The organisators reserve the right to change the program.
Applications are open till September 4th 2018.

CIC project is proudly supported by SAP