In Slovenia there will be 5 basic courses, one advanced, blockchain and chatbot course.

And what are the skills that you will have the opportunity to learn at the basic course? (4 x 4 hours)

  • 1st workshop: Introduction into the world wide web, HTML5 and CSS basic, description of SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) as a websites host (4 hours).
  • 2nd workshop: Advanced CSS and the use of Bootstrap framework (4 hours).
  • 3rd workshop: Creating your own website with existing templates, placing your website on a SCP, JavaScript basics (4 hours).
  • 4th workshop: JavaScript programming and conclusion(4 hours).

In advanced course (3 x 4h) participants will learn:

  • JavaScript special features,
  • asynchronous programming and communication with API,
  • NPM package manager and library use,
  • uploading and the use of GIT for working on a project.

At the blockchain course ( 3 x 4h) you will learn:

  • 1st course: How the encryption works (data encryption), simetrical encryption, hashing, digital encrypto signatures; blockchain info; Bitcoin protocol (sending and confirming transactions; Etherum and blockchain 2.0, about Etherum, smart contracts and crypto coins (3h)
  • 2nd course: Algoritms of Consenz: Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Authority etc., forgery and theft prevention; scaling of blockchain; safety and anonymity: Zcash and zero-knowledge protocol, Monero and ring signatures (3h)
  • 3rd course is more practical: New technologies and the future of crypto: EOS, Cardano, Nimiq, atomic Swaps, token-curated registries and some other technologies with different hacks; creating your own crypto coin, mining on brownser, use of Coinhive tools, making of basic ERC-20 token. (3h)

At the chatbot course (3h) you will learn :

  • Introduction into chatbots, use of API.ai platform
  • Connection with FB Messenger
  • Use of the Chatfuel tool


In Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica.


The advantage for applying will have persons between 16 and 30 years old.

For the basic programming workshops you don’t need any previous knowledge. Just make sure that you are interested in that era.
For blockchain and chatbot workshops you don’t need any knowledge as well.
For advanced workshop you need basic knowledge of programming.

Note: Participants will have to bring their own computers. The workshops will be in slovene language.
Applications are open till September 9th 2018.

CIC project is proudly supported by SAP