Everything you need to know about workshops

What is expected from the participants at the #code program?

As the programming workshops are for free for limited number of participants, you are expected to attend all 4 of them.

Remember, among many applicants you have been chosen for this unique opportunity. Make it count. #responsibility

As we cannot provide so many lap-tops, we are kindly asking for bringing your own with you.

What is expected from the participants at the #innovate program?

Basically all you need to take part in the #innovate program is an idea for either Smart Cities, Smart Villages or Sports data. It is totally up to you which challenge you choose.

This could be an idea for a mobile app, tech solution, website, a game, a new service or a product or something completely different. Only sky is the limit!

There are two days we need you to be present. At the team meeting on the day of opening event (1st October) and at the semifinal (11th October). If you win the semifinal, make sure you will be able to come to Slovenia from 19th till 21st October.

There will also be 2 mandatory deadlinesfor delivering the documents. Don’t worry, you can do that easily from your computer at home. Don’t forget to reach out to your mentors which will be available for any help you need.

It is NOT expected that you present a ready-to-use product at any stage of the #innovate program.

What the jury expects is a convincing presentation of an idea, a polished concept of how this idea could be taken to the next level, maybe some first designs or even a rough prototype.

How far you develop your idea to impress the jury is up to you.

Until when do I need to apply, if I want to participate at #code program?

The applications for the #code program ends on Tuesday, 4th of September 2018 at 24.00. Remember, first come, first served principle. There are limited seats left.

Until when do I need to apply, if I want to participate at the #innovate program?

The applications for the #innovate program ends on Sunday, 30th of September 2018 at 24.00.

Can I apply for both programs, #code & #innovate?

Yes, you can apply on both programs, #code and #innovate, or on only one program. Make sure that you complete your application correctly.

What if I have no programming knowledge, can I apply on #code program?

All workshops will be basic so you can easily apply without previous knowledge. We want you to learn new skills!

You can also apply for a chatbot and a blockchain workshop (only in Slovenia), but for advanced workshops basic knowledge is already needed.

If I don’t have a team, can I still apply to the #innovate program?

Of course, you can! However, a team is necessary to compete. We will find a members for your team and make sure you get to know each other.

If you are applying alone, just write down “/” in application.

How many members are allowed per team?

A team can consist of a  3 members. If you don’t have a team, apply as an individual and we will do our best to find a team for you.

If you are applying as a team, all members of the team has to apply separately and state the other members of their team in application form.

Can I apply if I am an Erasmus Student?

Yes, absolutely! If you are currently on exchange, you are eligible to participate in the #innovate program, but unfortunately not on #code program as workshops will not be in english language.

What rewards are presented to the winning team?

The reward for the semifinal winning team in the cooperating countries (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia ) is a 3-day trip to Slovenia.

The reward for semifinal winning team in Slovenia is 3-day trip to Beograd.

The final award is 3500 EUR for the winning team, before taxes.

Can we tackle more than one challenge?

No, each team is only allowed to choose one challenge.

What does "Sports Data" mean?

Sports data is all data that is collected from professional sports or events. This includes statistics you can see on the TV screen while watching the games on the TV, or special programs that tracks sportsman or teams health, improvement, the other ones that helps the trainers do their work and other.

What does "Smart City" mean?

A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services.

What does "Smart Village" mean?

Smart village refers to communication and communication technology and various physical devices connected to the network (the Internet of things or IoT) to optimize the efficiency of the operations and services and connect to inhabitants in rural areas.

Is the CIC project only open for youth between ages of 16 and 30?

Anyone between ages of 16 and 30 can apply to #code program.

In Slovenia and Croatia anyone above the age of 16 can apply to the #innovate program. However, those under 30 will have priority during selection stage.

In Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina ,and Macedonia anyone above 18 is welcome to apply. Again, individuals below 30 will be prioritized when reviewing applications

Those under 18 will need to present a signed form from their legal representative.

Do I need to provide information about the idea when applying?

Not necessary. But if you already have one, you are welcomed just to present in shortly.

Should I have an idea when coming to the team meeting at #innovate program?

Yes. The team meeting event is meant for all teams to meet and bring their initial idea to the table. There you will be expected to discuss it further and decide on which direction you are going as a team. Also check for the mentors you are able to get in touch with before preparing yourself for the deadlines and pitching on semifinal event.

While it is good to come to this event with an idea, it doesn’t mean that your idea cannot, or will not, change during the program. It will be great experience, with a lot of brainstorming and information sharing.

How can I get in contact with mentors?

On the website you have a list of all the mentors and industry experts you can talk to. We will provide you their contact and it is up to you and your team to contact them and arrange Viber / Skype meeting. #proactivity

Who owns the intellectual property of the solutions proposed after the competition?

The creators of every idea, whether they win or not, retain full ownership of their Intellectual Property. After the competition ends and, if SAP or their partner sees a commercial value in any of the proposed solutions, there are numerous opportunities for future cooperation between the team and them– and will be discussed between the two parties after the competition. The teams, however, cannot enter into negotiations with any third party until six months after the competition result has been announced.

Is attendance at the team meeting, opening event and semifinal event at #innovate program mandatory?

Yes. Every applicant who has received written confirmation and an invitation to the #innovate program must participate in this events on 1st and 11th October.

The winning team should also take time to come pitching on final event in Slovenia, which will take place on 20th October (organized free transport and accommodation will be from 19th till 21st October).

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