Code.Innovate.Connect project from 10th September to 20th October 2018 held in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Zagreb, Croatia; Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina; Beograd, Serbia and Skopje, Macedonia, proudly supported by SAP.


PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT between Ypsilon Institute and it’s partners and the Participants of the Code.Innovate.Connect project.A


Ypislon Institute (Zavod za medgeneracijsko sodelovanje, Ypsilon, registration number: 3639061000, tax number: SI16948866 “Organizer”) is pleased to organise the Code.Innovate.Connect project (“Project”), which is hosted in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Zagreb, Croatia; Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina; Beograd, Serbia and Skopje, Macedonia from 10th September to 20th October 2018.


  • Centar za mladinski aktivizam CMA KRIK; st. Karadzica 6, 1000 Skopje; TAX number: 4032012519706.
  • Đorđe Đorđević Entrepreneur consulting services Parhelion Belgrade; Zlatiborska 13d, 11160 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia; TAX number: 110113775
  • Centre for Career Development (Acronym: CERK)Majke Jugovića 4, 78 000 Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosna i Hercegovina; JIB number: 4403316540009
  • Innovation Factory j.d.o.o.; Gornjodragonoška cesta 107, 10257 Zagreb, Hrvatska; TAX number: HR90579958272


The Project is governed by the rules set out below (“Project Rules”). By entering the Project, you, the undersigned (“Participant” or “you”) agree to abide by the Project Rules as well as the decisions of Organizer and Project judges.

  1. Overview:

The Project is consisted of three programs:

  • Code program (“Code”) represents programming workshops in 5 countries (8 in Slovenia, 1 basic workshop in Croatia,  1 basic workshop in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 1 basic workshop in Serbia, and 1 basic workshop in Macedonia). In Slovenia there are 5 basic workshops, 1 advanced (9 hours together), 1 blockchain (3 courses per 4 hours) and 1 chatbot workshop (3 hours). Every basic workshop is consisted of 4 courses per 4 hours. The Code program will take place from 10th September  till 13th October

Organisator and partners reserve the right to change the locations and the dates of the workshops.

  • Innovate program (“Innovate”) is going on between 1st and 15th October  (dates and locations are a subject to change) in all cooperating countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia). There will be an opening and semifinal event. These events are open for public. On other hand there will be applications open for individuals or groups that will participate in Innovate program  and will be working in groups from 3 to 5 on a business challenges. During the program they should also sumbit the Organisator and partners reserve the right to change the locations and the dates of the events and deadlines.
  • Connect program (“connect”) consists of one final event in Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Participants can apply on Code program or Innovate program or both programs (Code and Innovate as “Both programs”).

  1.    Registration and Organization: Because the Project is international project including free workshops and international competition and requires detailed organization, you are asked to ensure the seriousness of your participation.

As participant you commit to attend all parts of the program that you have applied for.

In Code program that means all four courses of the workshop and in Innovate program that means Team meeting, Opening event and Semifinal event. If you win the semifinal is required to attend the final event in Slovenia as well (transport and accommodation costs in Slovenia are covered for the winning teams in cooperating countries) from 19th to 21st October. Among that you are also required to deliver Business model canvas and the presentation in the time of a presented deadlines (4th (business model canvas) and 9th (team roles and presentation) October 2018).

At the Code program snacks and drinks will be provided. On Innovate program as well.

Further on, in the case of emergency the participant commits to report an absence from any workshop or the event 48 hours prior start on the provided mail in the contacts – https://cicproject.org/contacts/. As an emergency is a higher force, when it is needed to let the organisators know the absence as soon as possible in later on submit the proof of absence (doctors signature for example). In other case the Organisator reserves the right to charge to the Participant, who did not inform the Organizator about the absense 48 hours prior start, the costs of the organisation of the Project in the amount of 50 EUR. In that time it is not possible for other person to join the program anymore, because the organisation of the program has already started.

To take part in the Code, Innovate or both programs, it is necessary to register and fill the application form available online -https://cicproject.org/apply-here/ . For Code and Both programs the application is open till 4th September (by noon, CET) , for Innovate program the applications are opened till 24th September(by noon, CET) .

Incomplete application forms and/or that contain untrue information determine the expulsion of the team from the Project.

The Organizer reserves itself the right to postpone or close sooner the application process without previous notice.

Registration doesn’t constitute itself a confirmation of participation at the Project. Participants will receive an e-mail with notice of acceptance for Code program by 5th September and for Innovate program by 27th September 2018. The dates are a subject to change.

Participants will be chosen by the Organizer based the terms and conditions and on materials submitted via an application form. The decision of the Organizer is final and may not be subject to complaint.  The number of chosen Participants is left to the discretion of the Organizer.

  1.  Assignment Submission:

In the Code program of the Project young individuals between 16 and 30 years old have an advantage at the applications for free programming workshops. If the the individual is younger than 18 years, a legal representive needs to sign the General terms and conditions (Participation agreement).

The Innovate program of the Project requires teams consisted of individuals aged above 16 in Croatia and Slovenia and aged above 18 in Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia, in all countries aged to 30 years old has an advantage of applying.  If the the individual is younger than 18 years, a legal representive needs to sign the General terms and conditions.

The groups will create an innovative, demonstrative solution that solves a business challenges based on Smart city, Smart Village or Sports data  and garners the most points at the end of the Project (“Submission”).

All Submissions must meet the following general conditions:

(i) The language used in Submissions must be the English Language.

(ii) A team may only submit one Submission. Incomplete Submissions may be disqualified.

(iii) Each Submission must be original, of the Participant’s or Participant’s teams own creation and newly written during the Project and must not have been entered in any other competition similar to the Project.

Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any Submission if the Submission or a Participant or a Participant’s team does not comply with these Project Rules. Each team is multidisciplinary and composed of different profiles. Based on the applications, the Organizer will select the Participants and assemble the teams. If the Participant has a preference on who he/she wants to be in the team, he/she has to inform Organizer via on-line application (field: Team members) that he/she is applying as a part of the team and who are the team members. However, each member of the team must register individually and sign the Participation Agreement individually. Due to a large number of individuals who apply, each team must be prepared to accept some additional members that Organizer might assign to the team. Teams will consist of 3-5 team members. Number of team members may vary between teams at the end. Composition of teams and number of team members are left to the discretion of the Organizer.

Preliminary composition of teams may be subject to change. The final composition of teams will be determined by the Organizer on the Team meeting on 1st October after all attendees register.

The Organizer of the Project will provide to all Participants a free of charge Wi-Fi connectivity. Each participant will use its own PC/device for the development and design of the solution.

  1.    Scoring of Entries: There will be semifinal and final event. Al teams will be pitching on semifinal event and the semifinal winning teams will pitch on the finals. The winning teams will be chosen by the panel of judges with relevant expertise, members of Organizer and external parties (“Judges”).

The teams will have to choose one challenge among three:

1.Smart cities – Design your smart future city you would like to live in. Come up with an innovative way to improve people’s mental/ physical/ social or economic well-being with measurable technology or blockchain.

2.Smart villages – How to improve lives in villages with sustainable technology? Come up with an innovative way to improve people’s environmental/ mental/ physical/ social or economic well-being with measurable technology.

3. Sports Data – Attract more customers! How to get more fans & customer engagement in soccer or basketball? We are looking for more possibilities of an income as a result.

What is needed to register?

¬ You are highly motivated to create new ideas and solutions for the future city or village you would like to live in, or ideas for Sports data.

¬ You have the ability to think out of the box when it comes to smart and innovative Smart technology and Sports data mobility solutions

¬ You are an expert that likes to work in multidisciplinary teams and as a result, you come up with ideas that include technology, user design thinking, and financing aspects

¬ You just adore a good challenge.

The Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

(i) Cooperation with the mentors,

(ii) Holding to the deadlines,

(iii) Stage of innovativeness of the solutions,

(iv) Main case preparation and business plan,

(v) pitching,

(vi) Individuals in teamwork.

The Submission that earns the highest overall score will win. The decisions of the Judges will be final and may not be subject to complaint. In the event of a tie, Judges will deliberate to determine the winner. The judging period may be extended by Organizer for any length of time, in Organizer’s discretion.

  1.    Winners and Awards: Winning teams awarded the highest score by the judges will be announced in person on semifinal event in October 2018.

The semifinal awards to be awarded are as follows:

The winning teams from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and hercegovina and Macedonia win a 3-day trip to Slovenia (transport and accomodation) from 19th till 21st October 2018.

The winning team in Slovenia wins a 3-day trip to Beograd (transport and accomodation)  in November 2018.

The final award will go to a winning team on a final event. The award is 3500 EUR(before taxes) .

At a later stage, members of the semifinal and final event could be invited also to attend the implementation phase of the solution.

  1.    Copyrights and other Intellectual Property rights of Submissions: Participant represents and warrants that the Submission is and will be Participant’s own original work and does not and will not infringe the intellectual property or proprietary rights of any third party, including, without limitation, any third party patents, copyrights or trademarks.

All moral rights to the Submission remain with the Participant. If SAP company sees the opportunity in the idea, there can be further on discussion about the cooperation between the Participant or the team and SAP. Meanwhile, six months from the final winners pronouncement the Participant or team is not allowed to discuss about the idea for cooperation with any third parties.

Each Participant acknowledges and agrees that other Participants or third parties may have developed or commissioned works which are similar to the Submission of Participant or Participant’s team, or may develop something similar in the future, and each Participant waives any claims that Participant may have resulting from any similarities to the Submission of Participant or Participant’s team.

  1.    Publicity: By participating in the Project, Participant consents to the use of his/her name, photo and/or likeness, biographical information, entry and statements attributed to Participant (if true) for the purpose of promoting and advertising the Project, including without limitation, inclusion in Organizer’s and prize sponsors’ newsletters, websites,  and/or social media accounts or outlets without compensation.

Participant authorizes the Organizer to treat and use his/her personal data according to terms and purposes mentioned above and to use his/her pictures in the websites stated in the previous paragraph.

Participant gives the Organizer the right to use, spread, treat, reproduce his/her personal data – for free and timeless – also through derived works, in any form, from photographing that will take place at Project, being aware of the fact that the final purpose of all mentioned activities is related to advertising, promotion, and marketing of the Project.

Participant authorizes the Organizer to conserve all videos and pictures in the digital archives for a period of maximum 5 years from the date of entering into this Participation Agreement.

Participant authorizes the Organizer to modify – but not significantly alter – pictures of him/her for the purposes stipulated above.

Participant relieves the Organizer of any direct and indirect responsibility that would come from a possible spread, reproduction or use – as stipulated in this Article – of his/her personal data.

Participant expressly gives up any right, action or pretense – even economic – related to the use and/or spread of his/her personal data, in addition to any action and/or claim of damages or losses Participant would suffer as a consequence of their possible spread, use or reproduction.

Participant authorizes the Organizer to use his/her personal data for recruitment purposes.

  1. Disclaimers, liability, and indemnification: Organizer does not accept liability for any loss or damage or for any other loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from your participation in the Project or your receipt, use or redemption of any awards, or your inability to receive, use or redeem any awards. Furthermore, Organizer is not responsible for: (1) technical failures of any kind, including the malfunctioning of any telephone, computer, network, hardware or software; (2) the unavailability or inaccessibility of any service; (3) electronic or human error which may occur in the administration of the Project; or (4) any injury or damage to persons or property, including your computer, which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from your participation in the Project.

Organizer does not accept liability for any loss or damage or for any other loss or damage that may result from unsuccessful application to the Project towards individuals that have registered for the Project but have not been chosen to participate in the Project.

You hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Organizer from any and all damages, injuries, claims, causes of actions, liability or losses of any kind, known or unknown, absolute or contingent, now or in the future arising from or related to: (1) your failure to comply with any of the ProjectRules; (2) any misrepresentation you make under the Project Rules; or (3) your participation in the Project.

  1.   General: Organizer reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the Project in whole or in part, in the event of fraud, technical or other difficulties or if the integrity of the Project is compromised, without liability to the Participants. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any Participant, as determined by Organizer, who violates the Project Rules or who they believe is cheating or is threatening, harasing any other team, team member or Organizer’s personnel.

By submitting the application you agree with your personal information being used for the purpose of this project. Personal information is going to be used for general statistics on participants and for communication during the time of the project Code. Innovate. Connect.

If any provisions of this Participation Agreement shall become illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be impaired. This Participation Agreement is governed by the laws of Slovenia and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Slovenian courts.