Aleksandar Mastilović

Aleksandar Mastilović is currently employed as the Expert Advisor to the Director of the Communications Regulatory Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina, from December 2017. He moved back to the Bosnia and Herzegovina as the part of an initiative for creating an expert group of the regulatory authority competent for the implementation of 4G, Digital TV and other relevant projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Besides, in January 2017, Aleksandar joined IEEE as an executive board member. IEEE is a renowned representing electrical engineering community with 600.000 members and the budget approx. 1 billion$ US. He is IEEE active volunteer for more than 16 years and nowadays he is the member of a few working groups and executive committees on a global level: IEEE Publications Services and Products Board, IEEE Young Professionals Committee, IEEE Platform Guidance Group, IEEE Internet of Things Standards Steering Committee and many others OUs. He is very active in promoting smart technologies for improving quality of life and building a smart society at all. Aleksandar has strong international experience in technical, business, education and regulation/legal side of smart technologies. He was awarded a grant from IEEE Communications Society for 1st Summer School for 30 best Ph.D. students in Telecommunications worldwide in 2015, and is the author is the author of 8 papers on IEEE conferences and workshops. Furthermore, he was one of 19 members in the international expert group in IEEE for creating the trend/survey paper „Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied in Cybersecurity“, describing expecting movement in the technology world  (https://www.ieee.org/about/industry/confluence/feedback.html ).

His research interest is Cellular Mobile System 4G/5G with focus on Internet of Things applications and services and especially for Smart Cities and their initiatives, but also Computer Networks Design, Routing and Switching and Communications Security including Applied Mathematics methods and algorithms in Cryptography. 

In years before, Aleksandar graduated BSc in 2009 and MSc in 2016 at University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). In the period between 2009 and 2014, Aleksandar was employed in University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Bosnia and Herzegovina) as research and teaching assistant in the field of computer sciences, computer networks and cybersecurity. In 2014, he received Maria Curie Fellowship from EU for Ph.D. studies and is working on the FP7 ADVANTAGE ITN Project in Working Package 1 team for Smart Home design at University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences (Serbia). The primary research topic is Architecture Design for 5G Cellular System, with focus on optimizing uplink Communications and Power Control in Small Cells and Uncoordinated Random Access Control for Massive and Critical Machine-to-Machine communications.

Aleksandar is also a Distinguished Lecturer of Friedrich Naumann Foundation on Smart Technologies, Smart and Responsive Cities topics. He is also co-founder of Smart Cities Education Initiative in Western Balkans region from IEEE side, together with a representative of Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Aleksandar is also an external expert of G20 Global Solutions for smart technologies and sustainable development. 

Available to mentor on the following topics: Smart City ideas

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